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Ongoing Research at CEGESOMA

The research conducted at CEGESOMA is twofold: on the one hand there is the research carried out by the permanent researchers and on the other the research projects which are limited in time and are funded with exterior resources, for the most part by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (see Scientific team). These research activities and projects are in the field of 20th century history and principally concern the two world wars.


Current research projects are:


- Two BRAIN projects (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks, Federal Science Policy) on the First World War. The first, led by Karla Vanraepenbusch, lists and analyses all the memorial traces of the Great War in the urban landscapes of Antwerp and Liège. The second, led by Florent Verfaillie, studies the social impact of the war on the members of the resistance and collaborators of the First World War.

For more information please contact Karla Vanraepenbusch or Florent Verfaillie.


- IAP "Justice and Populations" (projects "Impact of the Great War on the Functioning of Justice in Belgium";  "The Relation between Magistracy and Police, and Resistance in Belgium during the Second World War"; "The Liberation Murders' in the judicial district Brussels (1944-45)" and "The Belgian Justice during and after the Second World War  (virtual encyclopedia Belvirmus)").

For more information please contact Dirk Luyten.


- European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI). EHRI's mission is to support the Holocaust research community by building a digital infrastructure through its Online Portal where the wide dispersal of the archival source material regarding the Holocaust are being collected.

For more information please contact adina.babesh.


- The MADDLAIN-project aims to analyse the practices and needs of users with regard to access to digital information. The project consists of three components: a study concerning general access to digital information, a part focused on the needs of researchers with regard to virtual research environments and a study regarding the e-learning needs of students.

For more information please contact Jill Hungenaert.


- The ADOCHS project (Auditing Digitalization Outputs in the Cultural Heritage Sector) is dedicated to the improvement of the quality control of digitised heritage collections. The project focuses on two aspects: the quality of the image and the quality of the metadata. The case studies of the project will be taken from the collections of the KBR and CegeSoma.

For more information please contact Anne Chardonnens.


- The TRANSMEMO project is a new research project on the memory of collaboration and resistance during the Second World War. It is a cooperation between CegeSoma (Nico Wouters), Ghent University (Bruno De Wever & Koen Aerts) and the UCL (Olivier Luminet and Valérie Rosoux).

For more information please contact Florence Rasmont.



Towards a permament structure for EHRI

 On 23 August, it was announced that funding of the European Union for the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI), in which the State Archives/CegeSoma are a partner, will continue. Objective of this funding is to sustain and expand its resources and activities and to enable it to become a permanent European home for international Holocaust research and collaboration.
  Read more...

Find out how to use the Ugescrowd platform

 The Ugescrowd platform (a new digital tool for improving the description of CegeSoma's photograph collections) is set up to be as intuitive as possible. However, initial feedback from users has shown that the platform still needs some modifications and first-time users can benefit from some guidance. Read more...

Conference ‘TRANSMEMO’ (memories of collaboration and resistance)

 On Thursday 3 October 2019 we will co-organize a conference of the research project TRANSMEMO in the senate of Belgium. In this project historians and psychologists investigate how Belgian families with a history of collaboration or resistance remember and experience the legacy of the Second World War.

During a full-day program TRANSMEMO will present the results of the research while political scientists, psychologists and historians will reflect on the legacy of this past. Read more...

EHRI-fellowship on European Waffen-SS veterans

 An interview with Steffen Werther (Institute of Contemporary History - Södertörn University / Sweden), EHRI-fellow in CegeSoma from 4 – 15 February 2019. Read more...

EHRI Conference in July in Amsterdam: Call for proposals

 Call for Proposals: EHRI Conference: Holocaust Studies in the Digital Age. What's New?


Date: Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Location: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The deadline to submit proposals is 2 February 2019. Notification will be sent via email in March 2019.


Our photos described by artificial intelligence… and checked by our readers!

 In April 2017 the research project UGESCO (Upscaling the Geo-temporal Enrichment, exploration and exploitation of Scientific Collections) was launched in order to experiment with new methods to valorise our photo collections.

On 12 December 2018, the project partners will proudly present the new tools they have developed and which combine computing power with the expertise of our researchers and users. Read more...

Half-time for the ADOCHS project!

 On 1 November 2016, the CegeSoma launched the ADOCHS project in collaboration with the Royal Library (KBR), and the Universities of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)). The project aims to improve quality control processes for digital cultural heritage collections. After having worked for two years at CegeSoma, Anne Chardonnens now prepares to join the ULB-team. We interviewed her to reflect on the results she has accomplished so far.

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New call to families in the context of the Transmemo project

 The Transmemo project is a federal and interdisciplinary research project on family memory of the resistance and the collaboration in Belgium during the Second World War.

CegeSoma participates in this project in partnership with a team of historians of Ghent University and a team of social and cognitive psychologists of the UCL (Université catholique de Louvain).

The project was launched in October 2017 and dozens of Dutch- and French-speaking families have already been interviewed. Read more...

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