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Press Review

The Accessibility of the Files on the Repression of the Collaboration

 An Appeal for the Mediating Role of Historians

On the news site Apache.be, our Director Rudi Van Doorslaer makes a plea for a better accessibility of the archives of the repression. Given the confidential nature of these records, particular care is needed where privacy is concerned, but historians can play a mediating role. As for means, they could possibly be raised via crowdfunding.
Read the article.

What Does the Future Hold for the Belgian Heritage of the Dark Years of the 20th Century?

In an article in Brussel Deze Week (see here) this Thursday 6 November, Director Rudi Van Doorslaer elaborates on the dangers which face the Federal Scientific Institutions, and CegeSoma in particular.

An article on the Series "De Oorlogskranten" and the Website "The Belgian War Press" in "Le Soir"

In its weekend edition of 22 and 23 February, the Brussels journal Le Soir dedicates a full page to the Belgian press in the period 1914-1918. The article, published as a preamble to the reproduction of six issues of Le Soir from the beginning of the war, is based in particular on an interview with Hans Boers, the editor-in-chief of the Oorlogskranten. The text mentions among other things that a French-language version of the Oorlogskranten is under study. We can now confirm that the first issue of this version will be at the newsagent within weeks. In addition, the article also mentions another project of Cegesoma : the website The Belgian War Press is referred to as  « Une mine d'or à consulter ». 

Works of Art Stolen by the Nazis in Belgian Museums ?

A More Detailed Investigation Is Necessary

 The Flemish newspaper De Standaard reported last weekend the presence in Belgium museums of works of art taken by the Nazis. The article and the subsequent reactions make it clear that there are still a lot of unanswered questions. A more thorough archival research is essential. Read more...

The series Oorlogskranten 1914-1918 presented in Fédra

 On 14 January, the information bulletin of the federal civil servants Fédra dedicated a long article to the series Oorlogskranten 1914-1918, published in 52 weekly issues from 23 December onwards (click here). It is an initiative by the London editor Albert Limited, who looked to Cegesoma for expert advise to carry out the project. Read more...

Political radicalisation of the 1930s and present crisis: any similarities? The point of view of the Director of Cegesoma

Kortrijk's social-artistic circle De Unie der Zorgelozen has recently put on Kasimir en Karolien, a theatre piece of 1932 by the German playwright Odön von Horvath. He writes about the rise of extremism in Germany at the onset of the accession to power of the Nazis. One of the directors of the organisation, Joon Bilcke, took the opportunity to interview Rudi Van Doorslaer on the possible parallels with the political situation at the time in Flanders and in Europe and the current juncture. The interview has appeared in the summer edition 2013 of De Gazet, the periodical of the cultural organisation.

An extensive article on the site The Belgian War Press in De Morgen

The newspaper De Morgen of Monday 14 January 2013 devotes a full page to the website created by Cegesoma The Belgian War Press. Via this site, the Belgian clandestine newspapers of the First and the Second World War are online accessible. The article in De Morgen also refers to the problem of the censored press during the two world wars. For legal reasons, this press is not yet available on this site (it can be consulted in the reading room of Cegesoma). Read more...

“La Wallonie sous l’Occupation” and “Belges en guerre” presented in an online cultural magazine

In a substantial article on the Second World War in Belgium, the online magazine Culture published by the Université de Liège, pays attention to two recent publications of Cegesoma. La Wallonie sous l'Occupation, the illustrated synthesis of numerous photographs by Alain Colignon and Fabrice Maerten, published in the context of the series “Villes en guerre” even features on the front page. The article also refers to Belges en guerre. Images insolites, histoires inconnues, published together with the exhibition with the same name held at the Sint-Pieters abdij in Gent from November 2012 to April 2013 (on the second page). Read more...