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Mission of the CEGESOMA

Since the first of January 2016, the institution is the fourth Operational Directorate (OD4) of the State Archives (see programme act of 26 December 2015 and royal order of 23 May 2016) . It is led by an operational director, who is supported by the specialised Scientific Committee of the CegeSoma.


Read the Mission Statement of CEGESOMA.




Organisation and staff 

Head Fourth Operational Directorate: Nico Wouters
Deputy: Florence Gillet



Scientific Staff :


Library and Public Information: Alain Colignon
Collections Valorisation:Fabrice Maerten
Communication & Events: Isabelle Ponteville
Digitalization: Florence Gillet
Research: Dirk Luyten
Public History: Chantal Kesteloot
Archives Management: Gertjan Desmet

 Domains and Tasks:

ArchivesGertjan Desmet, Fabrice Maerten, Gerd De Coster, Johanna Neumann, Bruno Picard, Nico Theunissen, Francis Lambrechts, Marc De Win, Emile Dejehansart
Library: Alain Colignon, Hilde Keppens, Kathleen Vandenberghe, Marie Kozyreff
Images and Sounds: Florence Gillet,Somaya Bounekoub, Isabelle Sampieri
JBH: Nico Wouters, Dirk Luyten, Hilde Keppens
Reading room: Somaya Bounekoub, Gerd De Coster, Hilde Keppens, Abdennasser Sari, Kathleen Vandenberghe, Johanna Neumann
Belgrade Depot: Gertjan Desmet, Kathleen Vandenberghe, Abdennasser Sari
Digitalization: Florence Gillet, Gerd De Coster, Somaya Bounekoub, Moussa Lasouad
Digital Humanities: Anne Chardonnens 
Project researchersAnne Chardonnens: ADOCHS
Adina Babesh: EHRI-II
Margaux Roberti-Lintermans: UGESCO
Florence Rasmont : TRANSMEMO

Services d'appui
Secretariat: Karima Richa, Lut Van Daele
Maintenance: Léo Baudelet, Fouzia Mahi