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Fourth Public History Encounter of the CegeSoma

At CINEMATEK on Thursday 16 May 2019 (5.30 pm – 7.00 pm)

'L'histoire d'espoir de la résistante armée Sarah Goldberg'

Screening of the movie (in French) about the story of hope of Resistance fighter Sarah Goldberg, attended by director Patricia Niedzwiecki.

For its fourth Public History Meeting, CegeSoma invites you, in collaboration with Cinematek, to the screening of the movie by Patricia Niedzwiecki entitled 'L'histoire d'espoir de la résistante armée Sarah Goldberg' ('The story of hope of Resistance fighter Sarah Goldberg', 6th movie of the memorial collection 'Les trous de la mémoire').



Sarah Goldberg was born in Warta (Pologne) on the 1st of January 1921 and passed away in Brussels in 2003.

As an early Jewish Resistance fighter and survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau, she delivers a moving and strong historical testimony through this movie.

As a committed teenager, she joins the campaigns in support of the International Brigades in 1936.

In 1941, she works for the Soviet military intelligence network Red Orchestra for a couple of months, while officially being employed as a secretary at a hat retailer in Brussels.

She learns to operate a radio transmitter, to send coded messages and becomes a messenger within the network.

Next, she is 'enrolled' in the 1st Jewish company of the Mobile Corps of the Armed Partisans that was under the direct command of the Independence Front and carried out surveillance of traitors and collaborators.

In June 1943, she is arrested at her home after having been betrayed.

She is deported. After having suffered the worst imaginable pains, she is liberated in April 1945 by the Red Army.

After the war, she dedicates her life to testifying about what she experienced and to fighting all forms of racism so that future generations may 'never forget'.

We invite you to discover the remarkable and inspiring story of her life, together with Patricia Niedzwiecki who takes us along with a lot of sensitivity, modesty and advertency to show the destiny of this exceptional woman. 



Guest speaker : 



Patricia Niedzwiecki is an author-director and researcher, she holds a PhD in Arts and Humanities, and a PhD in historical literary studies and text and image semiology from Université de Paris VII.


She is an expert consultant for the European Parliament and the European Commission. She is director of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement de l'Espace Culturel Européen IRDECOF and founding president of Association française et Observatoire de la Féminisation in Paris.

She takes part in elaborating feminisation codes and dictionaries. Patricia Niedzwiecki is also author of several plays and director of the historical collection "Les trous de la mémoire", of films about gender differentiation in which she is specialised, of "Rétro" (2017), etc.  

This meeting takes place at Cinematek (Rue Baron Horta 9, 1000 Brussels – close to  Brussels Central station) and will be followed by a debate.

Access is possible via the Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR (Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels) for people having difficulties in walking up and down the stairs.

Please register for the event beforehand per e-mail at isabelle.ponteville@arch.be or by phone 02.556.92.11 and by paying the fee of 5 Euros in advance to the account of CegeSoma - IBAN: BE12 6792 0045 0092 - BIC: PCHQBEBB + name and surname as reference).

Feel free to come accompanied!