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From now, the Belgian War Press website includes the clandestine press of the First World War from the collection of the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History.
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Hans Boers

Photo de Hans BoersHans Boers (1985) studied contemporary history at the university of Antwerp. His thesis is dedicated to the work of the Liège historian and intellectual Léon-Ernest Halkin (1906-1998). He then studied applied language studies (French-English) at the Lessius College in Antwerp.

He was assistant in the department Scientific Activities and Publications of Cegesoma in 2009. He was between December 2010 and September 2013 assistant-coordinator for the project European Holocaust Infrastructure Research (EHRI). Since October 2013, he is editor-in-chief of De Oorlogskranten 1914-1918, and later De Oorlogskranten. Het interbellum 1918-1940, a joint project of Cegesoma and the London publishing house Albertas Limited."


Has left the Centre on 31 October 2016.



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A Conference by Kristof Smeyers

Het gestolde land. Een eeuw Belgische economie

On Wednesday 14 December 2016 (at 2.30 p.m.), CegeSoma will give the floor to Kristof Smeyers (University College of London). He will use  a totally new perspective to talk about the economic history of Belgium since the First World War.

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Coming Soon – A New Unique Source Edition on Occupation and Daily Life in Europe during WWII

 The project “Societies under German Occupation – Experiences and Everyday Life in World War II” wants to publish source editions that make the impact of the occupation on daily life for the different levels of the population, from Norway to Greece, and from France to the Soviet Union more tangible.
This source edition offers a unique transnational perspective on a little studied topic. The hundreds of sources of the first series dedicated to supply and shortage have now been collected and commented in view of an imminent publication.
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A conference by Luis Angel Bernardo y Garcia

 Le Ventre des Belges. Grandeur et misères d'un petit État nourricier en temps d'occupation et de sortie de guerre (1914-1948)On Wednesday 16 November 2016 (2.30 p.m.), CegeSoma will give the floor to Luis Angel Bernardo y Garcia (State Archives). He will address the role of the Belgian state in the economic recovery of post-war Belgium, in particular with regard to its food policy.
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Conference by Gerlinda Swillen

 Tuesday 15 November 2016 (12.30), conference (in French) by Gerlinda Swillen (Associated Researcher AGR-CegeSoma) in the Musée juif de Belgique on a war hospital: "L'hôpital Brugmann en uniforme ?".  

Le 23 mai 1940, la Wehrmacht réquisitionne un des fleurons belges de la médecine et de l'architecture hospitalière bruxelloise: l'Hôpital Brugmann. Dorénavant, il sera dénommé Kriegslazarett 2/614 (Kr.Laz. 2/614). Il semble avoir accueilli non seulement des militaires allemands, mais aussi des prisonniers de guerre, des patients d'autres institutions de l'occupant, ainsi que des civils.
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International colloquium 'Right to be Forgotten Versus Right to Remember'


Following the new European privacy regulation which was approved by the European Parliament in May 2016, the General State Archives will organize, on 10 October 2016, an international symposium in the Academy Palace on the
Right to be Forgotten Versus Right to Remember”.

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New leadership for CegeSoma

 Rudi Van Doorslaer has left the institution on 31 August 2016 to enjoy his well-earned retirement. During the appointment procedure for a new director, management of CegeSoma, now Operational Directorate 4 of the State Archives, has been entrusted to our colleague Dirk Martin. Spotlight on two individual careers.
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