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The Friends of CEGESOMA

In 1991, the Scientific Committee of the Centre for Research and Studies on the History of the Second World War decided to create a non-profit-organisation, the “Friends of the Centre for Research and Studies on the History of the Second World War”. The organisation has now more than 150 members. In 1997, to conform to the new name of the Centre, it changed its own name to “The Friends of Cegesoma”.


Its objectives are :

  • To promote the activities of the Centre with every possible means related to its subjects of research;
  • To stimulate the public interest in the Centre in particular and in the Second World War in general.


Since its creation, the Friends of Cegesoma have organised many activities and visits: a contest of war stories (the success of which led to a publication), a visit to the Maginot Line, the Fortress of Breendonk, the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Mechelen, the Centre d'Histoire de la Guerre et des Fusées in Wizernes, the exhibition Women and War, the museum in Raversijde...


Te become a member

The annual membership fee is 15 euros payable in account number IBAN : BE86 0001 4910 3750 - BIC : BP0TBEB1.

Members of the association are entitled to:

  • invitations to the seminars (on request) and all other scientific activities organised by the Centre;
  • 30% reduction on all publications of the Centre, with the exception of the Cahiers d'histoire du temps present/Bijdragen tot de eigentijdse geschiedenis (CHTP/BEG).

If you would like to receive information or to become a member of the Friends of Cegesoma, please send a mail to asbl-vzw@cegesoma.be.