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Inventorying days at CegeSoma!

From 8 to 18 January all CegeSoma staff will be busy carrying out a general and thorough inventorying of our collections held at the Square de l'Aviation/Luchtvaartsquare site.

 The last detailed inventorying of our collections took place in 2014 (library) and in 2006 (archives). It is high time to have a close look at our collections again!



While the reception desk was handed over to our very competent colleagues of the Archives Service for War Victims, we are busy combing through the caves, high-density storage system and shelves, to make sure each book, thesis, brochure, archive document and holding is still present and at its right place.

Also, many books and archives had piled up through the years in our offices and were now duly classified.

This year's inventorying operation was carried out with a view to the future implementation of the new archives management system (SAM). 
 The data collected in the course of the last weeks allow us to export metadata of over 2,800 (!) individual archival fonds to the new system.
This is indeed a huge undertaking, but it is a vital task in order to ensure an improved service to our readers.


Our reading room is now open to the public again!