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Scientific activities

The Centre regularly organises study days, national and international symposia with the intention of offering a forum for debate to up-and-coming as well as established historians, to valorise recent research and to act as a meeting place for researchers of universities in Belgium and abroad.

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Report on the Young Historians’ Day at Cegesoma

 On April 19th, 2018 CegeSoma organised the 12th edition of its workshop aimed at young historians, both those looking for a subject for their future Masters' thesis and recently graduated talents.
This time the punishment of collaboration after  the First and Second World War and, more generally, research possibilities linked to the archives of the military justice system constituted the central themes of the day. Read more...

RESEARCH - A festive presentation of ten years of research on justice

 On Friday the 22nd of September, the final results of the Interuniversity Attraction Pools (IAP's) Justice & Society and Justice & Populations will be festively presented in the Palace of Academies in Brussels (by invitation only). At this event, the organisers want to show professionals in the judicial, police, journalist, political and academic world the products of ten years of research on justice. The book Les mots de la justice/Het verhaal van justitie, published in late 2016, has similar aims, but speaks directly to the general public.
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Open WORKSHOP ‘Scope and Limits of Reconciliation’

 On 29 May, CegeSoma and CECRI will organize an open workshop on the scope and limits of reconciliation ('Scope and Limits of Reconciliation'). Sandra M. Rios Oyola and Björn Krondorfer will exchange views on the subject.
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Workshop - Diaries and Daily Life WWII

 On 31 March 2017, a workshop will be held in our conference room on the use of diaries for the study of daily life during the Second World War. This workshop takes place in the framework of an FWO-research at the VUB (supervisor: Hans Vandevoorde).
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EHRI - Candidate Call

 Candidate Call for EHRI fellowships at CegeSoma (deadline: 31 March 2017)

The EHRI project (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, of which CegeSoma is a consortium partner) wants to support and encourage Holocaust research. EHRI offers multiple fellowships to researchers so that they can undertake their research in different European scientific institutions, such as CegeSoma. If you want to apply for a fellowship, you can visit our brand new site specifically aimed at future fellows. Deadline: 31 March 2017.

War Mayors During the Second World War

  New Publication and an International CongressIn November 2016, the new book of CegeSoma collaborator Nico Wouters Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupatin in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, 1938-46 was published by Palgrave. The English-language book compares the role of the mayors during the occupation of the Second World War in Belgium, the Netherlands and France (Nord and Pas-de-Calais).
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